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Изображение процесса по резки материала натяжного потолка
10 years in the production of stretch ceilings

Professional approach

High quality products

European equipment and materials

We produce 20 000 m2/month

Operational support

Листок с чертежом натяжного потолка, карандаш, рулетка

Professional approach

The formed company has the experience of 4 years of independent work in the market, at the same time the company consists of specialists having personal experience in the production of ceilings for more than 9 years

Станок для огарпунивания, Elcon

European equipment

The company uses the equipment of the European manufacturers "ELKON Matonis" and "Zemat Technology Group", which are reliable, convenient for operators, inexpensive to maintain, with the possibility of modernization, service companies and available technical documentation.

Рулоны пленки натяжных потолков, стопка

Quality materials

The practice showed the "golden mean" of a good and experienced specialist in the installation of ceilings selects and offers the client in most cases not from expensive films of European manufacturers such as "Pongs", "Renolit", "CTN" or "Malpenza", and from high-quality and inexpensive films Asian manufacturers such as MSD (MSD) or Hailide (Highlight). Value for money and quality

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Frequently asked Questions

The cost of the ceiling is calculated from the actual area without extra charges for trimming and hidden increase in area.

The system of payment for employees is "piecework" ie. how much and how qualitatively you did so and will receive accordingly if there will be a marriage and punishment, employees at cutting, packing and packaging carefully follow the work done and control each other.

Any ceilings, any complexity, (curvilinear, combined, with a reverse harpoon for monsard ..) constant tracking trends in the stretch ceiling, quick contact with the manufacturer of exclusive novelties.

A drawing can be provided in different ways: by phone, scan or photo of a measuring sheet on an electronic post, watsap, viber or ICQ, in contact. Ideally, built in our program.

We will answer your questions by phone: +7 473 293-0386