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Фотография производства, процесс разметки полотна натяжного потолка
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Manufacturer of stretch ceilings made of PVC and fabric

We render the basic services: calculation and cutting, soldering of different colors, soldering of curvilinear sections, inner cutouts, photo printing, painting of inserts, carved ceilings.

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Пленка в рулонах, профили. лампочки

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We use materials of different manufacturers and provide a wide range of accessories, such as, PVC or aluminum baguettes, bumpers, dividers, baguettes for floating ceilings, various types of masking inserts.

Натяжные потолки, изображение возможных видов

Solving any problems

We constantly monitor trends in the stretch ceilings so we produce any ceilings, any complexity, (curvilinear, combined, with a reverse harpoon for monsard ..) We can do large volumes quickly, after specifying terms and wholesale prices.

Честная цена, расчет стоимости ,процесс

Fair price

Some manufacturers use the functions of programs to calculate in the direction of increasing the area when calculating complex ceilings (which are difficult to calculate manually), and also include the cost of the scrap in the cost of the ceiling. In the CEILING-PRO company, the cost of the ceiling is calculated from the actual area without extra charges for trimming and a hidden increase in area.

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